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    Kent College Project February 2020 _____________________________________________________________________________________   Doddington Hall Christmas fair 2017 5FT White rabbit for the Alys in wonderland themed christmas fair. LOUNGE ON THE FARM       The Whitstable Oyster Festival 2014                  

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    _______________________________ The Winning Post Job ______________________________________________________________________                

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    Limited Edition Vinyl and Linocuts printed on our 1869 Albion Press. Prices are for unframed linocuts and do not include postage.  

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    Automata by Justin Mitchell   Flying Monkey                  

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    Papier Mache

    Latest work _______________________________ 2020     ______________________________________ 2019   Dance Macabre – Justin Mitchell   Gothic Cat- Justin Mitchell     Duck Tuxedo – Justin Mitchell   Chef and Fish – Justin Mitchell   Jazz Jerboa- Justin Mitchell     Polar Bear – Justin Mitchell   Space Trash- Justin Mitchell   Stubborn Pooch- Justin Mitchell   _____________________________________________________________ 2018     _______________________________  2017 Wall…

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    Recent Available Work
  • Papiermache for sale. (Please email, Paypal to come)