Papier Mache


Cats and dogs   by Emily Firmin

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Dance Macabre – Justin Mitchell


Gothic Cat- Justin Mitchell



Duck Tuxedo – Justin Mitchell


Chef and Fish – Justin Mitchell


Jazz Jerboa- Justin Mitchell



Polar Bear – Justin Mitchell


Space Trash- Justin Mitchell


Stubborn Pooch- Justin Mitchell




Who’s in charge,(All at sea) – Justin Mitchell

Neppy sunset – Justin Mitchell

Mr Hare

Giant fish – Justin Mitchell

Fluffy ducks on a pond

Spotty seal – Justin Mitchell


Three dogs in a boat – Emily Firmin

Big eared dog-Emily Firmin




Wall of Death by Justin Mitchell

          The Three  Hornsmen of the Apocalypso by Justin Mitchell

                                                              Vets Waiting Room by Emily Firmin

                                                                          Mr Leopard by Justin Mitchell

               Dogs doing Tea by Emily Firmin

Long Dog by Justin Mitchell

  Punch, Toby Dog and the Crocodile by Emily Firmin

Mr Fox by Justin Mitchell

Mini Masters Gallery by Justin Mitchell

Chameleon by Emily Firmin

Rocking Horse by Justin Mitchell


                        The  Brotherhood

Justin Mitchell



Horse                                                                            Fox






Fox in Paisley




Dog in denim


                                                                                                                                              Domino’s journey into the Underworld

This piece is a depiction of our smallest dog’s adventure down a 25 metre length of drain pipe buried 3 feet under a field. After having gone missing for 7 hours we thought we heard the tiniest wimper come from a ditch in the corner of a wood. All we could find was the opening to a pipe barely bigger than the dog. After some digging ,and as it was getting dark , we resorted to phoning the Fire brigade who sent out an assessor who agreed that he could hear faint breathing in the pipe. Within minutes we had several fireman digging up the field.  An hour or two later a rabbit was produced from the end of the pipe which we had located under a mound of mud and earth. Perhaps that was the source of the noise, we all thought and were about to chuck the towel in. Seconds later  out popped  a very muddy and exhausted little  Jack Rusal who had travelled face to face with the rabbit the whole length of the pipe under the field. She could only go forwards, back was not an option . Lucky dog.

                  Domino’s journey into the Underworld by Justin Mitchell







Profanity Gran by Justin Mitchell

Badger in a cravat by Justin Mitchell


Sailing round Skye by Justin Mitchell (driftwood piece)


Mirror cat by Emily Firmin



Man and Doggy by Justin Mitchell

Therapy picture 1

Therapy picture 1 by Justin Mitchell

Therapy picture 2

Therapy picture 2 by Justin Mitchell

Punch and Judy on a long donkey

Punch and Judy on a long horse by Emily Firmin

Old Butler

Old Butler by Justin Mitchell

Cat and dog angels

Cat and dog angels by Emily Firmin

One day I sat on Turnip Hill

One day I sat on Turnip Hill by Justin Mitchell

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The Elephant in the room by Justin Mitchell


A pair of Jacks by Emily Firmin









Lost by Justin Mitchell